sMail Postfix Server Statistics

postfix mail servers statistics and monitoring
sMail created to monitor and collect statistics for multiple Postfix servers.
It is possible to search for a single message sent, or view full statistics for group of messages with common parameters.

It consist of two elements: sMail Collector (server) and sMail Analyzer (client).
sMail Collector monitor and collect statistics from Postfix servers running sMail Analyzer.
sMail Analyzer can be executed in daemon mode (as a service).

sMail Collector can be configured from friendly web interfaces or INI file.
Web interface support complex configuration task, as user management and access to Postfix servers statistics.

Any Linux server with PHP and PostgreSQL database for storing data.
MySQL support coming soon.

postfix mail statistics log in
Login screen – require authentication, or guest log in.
Guest can be configured with limited permissions.

postfix mail servers statistics screen
Multiple Postfix servers global statistics screen.
Useful to understand the growth of the organization, and it’s need for server upgrades.

postfix mail delivery statistics screen
Detailed mail delivery statistics screen.
Let you know if someone received mail and from whom, or see all the mail conversations of your co-worker.

postfix delivery statistics per mail
Delivery or receive statistics per mail addresses.
Easy way to know who sending or receiving most of the mail in the organization.

Feel free to contact us for sMail demonstration, or it’s integration and support.
We also can modify or rewrite it to match your special needs.

It is also possible to use our sMail servers for your mail servers statistics.
We will create the user for you in our database and install sMail Analyzer service in all your Postfix mail servers, in that way all the maintenance and log analysis will be handled by us. copyright © 2014 | ONEROOT INC. Linux IT Support in Winnipeg. eMail: support at