Fields of Glory Online



Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Game “Fields of Glory Online”
Development, Installation, Maintenance

To allow this game work fluently under heavy loads and minimize network latency for AJAX, the game was distributed across 3 different Linux Gentoo Servers (USA, Netherlands, Israel). Each server was source base compiled from scratch and kernel optimized for it’s specific hardware to maximize performance. We also used Nginx (light and extrimly fast HTTP server) for media and simple http deliveries on multiple TCP connections per client.
MySQL database was partially configured to use RAM tables for fastest database access, also direct Linux IPC SHM Memory was used for instant multiusers game interaction. Postfix Mail Relay configured with special configurations for fast notifications and newsletters delivery for users. Configuring of eAccelerator performance acceleration, for PHP.


  • 24/7 support, with 99.9% up time.
  • Daily off site backups of all servers.
  • Full files synchronization across the servers, using rSync protocol.
  • Version updates for all server services.
  • Full logs analysis to prevent sudden malfunctions, and for performance optimization.

This is a first game that use AJAX, Java Script and Microsoft VML technology for massive multiplayer game interaction with real time 2D graphics. Actually it is a first game that don’t require any installations and even not flash to play and interact with multiple players across the world, with beautiful true transparency multi layered graphics.

For fastest as possible loading times, we used specially compressed multiple Sprite PNG images with alpha channel, for game animations, they was preloaded into the VML with special Java Script scripts. For instant user interactions we also used Direct Access to Linux SHM memory which is much faster then MySQL RAM tables.

All game images and animations created using number of 3D Soft wares.
Also special code was written on PHP, to allow saves for all the battle animations and user commands. Based on it web application called Battle Watch was created and integrated into the web site, it don’t require any installations or registration, and allow to watch all player to player battles played in the game. Right now there is over 18,000 battles automatically recorded and saved in the system for anyone to see and learn from other players the game tactics.

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