Optimized Linux File Server

ONEROOT optimized Linux server based on fastest, reliable, source based, Gentoo distribution. It compiled and configured for best performance and redundancy. With it’s flexibility it can be integrated to any network environment, or adjusted to any particular needs. With innovative OS tools and services it provides wide range of solutions for any need. The system can be installed and optimized for any hardware (Home PC/Workstation/Server) or Virtual Server (i.e. VMWare), the installation can be done remotely or on site.


Server Include:

  • File Sharing based on SAMBA (fastest, reliable and well known service) with CIFS/SMB, AFP (Linux, Windows and Macintosh) support
  • MySQL database service
  • System Monitoring (web based application with detailed monitoring and statistics graphs for MySQL, CPU, Network, Memory and more…)
  • Simple and user friendly web based system management tools
  • Services and Processes monitoring and mail notifications
  • Firewall based on most secure and reliable Linux firewall IPTABLES
  • Rootkit/Exploit and GLSA Security Scanner (Rootkit Hunter)
  • Network bonding – use 2 or more network cards working as one for speed boost and redundancy (without 1 ping loss on disconnects)
  • Automated Database and System backup scripts
  • Can be optimized to run on XEN or VMware


Server installation with standard configuration: $1,000 CAD
Monthly Support for this server (optional): $150 CAD


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